Opinion Ciatti

Opinion Ciatti is a Florence based company providing furnishing solutions and accessories since the 1950’s.

They believe that design should be a fertile ground where new ideas and new shapes are born and tested.
They create tables, chairs and storage objects but also lamps and home accessories: intense and expressive objects that evoke our company’s almost seventy years long passion for bringing together quality and family tradition.
They are a blend of recollection and contemporaneity, tradition and innovation, roots and vision. They look to the past to imagine their future.
Products from the collection, one-of-a-kind pieces with a strong identity, made to measure projects: they develop distinctive solutions for residential and corporate environments.

In their work they are guided by a dream: to create objects that are not only functional but also able to tell a story.
Unique stories, at times parallel, sometimes divergent but always linked by a common theme.

Stories conceived and experienced in Florence, for a way of living that is 100% Made in Italy.

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