Lauwers Agencies

Lauwers Agencies is an agentschap started in 2017 and origins from the company from  Karin Lauwers+ 

End 2016 Karin Lauwers+ was approached with a proposition to become a commercial agency for an Italian furniture producer.

The experience in the market combined with advice from the team made it possible to make the first steps. From March 2017 Cesar Arredamenti S.p.A. is represented in the Netherlands.

Later in 2017 also the agencies in Scandinavia where obtained. Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden became work territories in witch Cesar Arredamenti S.p.A. is represented.

In 2019 Berla Lighting BV based in the Netherlands gave an agency for Scandinavia to us.

In 2020 the Italian family company OPINION CIATTI trusted her agency to Karin Lauwers and her team in the Netherlands.

From January 1st Lauwers Agencies became agent for Agape Bathrooms and AgapeCasa in The Netherlands.

Way of working;

With experience as an entrepreneur, in co-operation with suppliers we see the importance of communication. Empathies are put on making a bridge between the differences in culture and the translation of the interests that differ with producers, designers, interior architects and retail entrepreneurs.